Acceptance of liability:


Our system is designed to fit in with current u.k. laws, following these basic steps keeps you legal and law abiding and keeps you out of trouble with the authorities. This version v3-2014 supersedes all previous versions.

Upon purchase from us s.w.a.t. training devices limited to you the owner, accept the products are registered under your name:
This collation of information is to help us track sales and ownership of our products, if you do sell or transfer ownership of the v.t.g or bfgx you must let us know by filling out the simple form within our website, under the transfer section of the website, this then allows us to track your v.t.g. or bfgx training device:
Failing to add transfer details were appropriate will still make you responsible for the v.t.g. and bfgx in the event of any legal action as the ownership of the v.t.g. or bfgx falls onto you.
As all our V.T.G. products carry a serial number it allows tracking of ownership in the event of loss or theft and any warranty and service procedures.
The acceptance of liability provides a few basic liability criteria for both the buyer and seller.
Firstly it gives some basic health and safety guidelines, and defines good practice and safe keeping of all pyrotechnic products; it also adds pointers for correct usage of the v.t.g. or bfgx training devices:
This also allows the purchaser to advise us of were the v.t.g. or bfgx is to be used, and how it is to be used, after all the responsibility relies on the user not the seller or venue operator.

We fulfil our legal obligation by advising you prior to sale, and without lip service in writing, what is required by you, the new owner of a s.w.a.t. - v.t.g. or bfgx this then passes on the responsibility of your actions to avoid dangerous scenarios and illegal use.
s.w.a.t.-v.t.g.’s and bfgx’s are not toys and should be treated with the utmost respect.
Filling out an order, you sign by proxy to the fact that you understand what it is you’re purchasing and how to deploy safely.
It also takes the burden of us, retailers and any venue owners, for your actions, as you accept responsibility for the use of the v.t.g. and bfgx. This concludes with a basic declaration and understanding of the path that must be followed on either disposal or transfer of the product. All instruction manuals can be found on our main site at or our online shop at

General Guidance:
No blank firing device should be purchased by (or attempted to be purchased by) anyone under the age of 18:
All purchasers of such devices must be able to prove their credibility by providing us with full usage data: We reserve the right not to supply products without reason:
No blank firing device will be used in a public area, and must on be used as defined in the usage data provided by the purchaser and will be deemed at either Airsoft or paintball or dedicated training venues.
No blank firing device should be used by anyone under the age of 18:
No blank firing device will be sold to anyone who is general public:

Storage & Transportation:
Never transport or carry these products in pockets:
Always store any products in their original package when not being used:
At all times keep away from high temperatures and away from direct sunlight:
At all times keep away from children and minors, old persons, and persons who are unaware of the application of the product:
Never leave loaded with a blank shell when not being used:
Never use or carry any pyrotechnic product in a public place:
Never use near a public place or use/carry in sight of a public place:

Blank Firing Grenades:
Only use approved blank rounds "NEVER ATTEMPT TO USE LIVE ROUNDS"
Never use any blank round over 9mm 0.325cal indoors:
Never modify the loading cap or manufacture a loading cap that could take a live round (THIS IS ILLEGAL):
Never use full 12g (12 gauge lead shotgun) rounds:
For the blank firing grenade, ensure you read and understand the operating instructions which come with each device before using the product:
Full instructions and health and safety data is contained within the specific device instructions:

Smoke from our products:

When using our products, ensure that you have confirmed there are no players with a medical condition (such as asthma) in the vicinity who are likely to develop a problem breathing in under such conditions.
Never stay in a smoke-filled environment or prevent others from leaving a similar environment. Our products also produce sparks:

Disposal or transfer of pyrotechnics and ownership of your blank firing device:
The disposal of any pyrotechnics is the responsibility of the user:
This would include dud products, spent casings and brass tubes must be disposed of safely and not to create any environmental impact:
This would include shell casings from blank firing grenades or similar devices.
In the event of you selling your blank firing device, we would require you to advise us in writing on whom you sold your device to; this is a home office requirement and is good record keeping.This can be done either by email or through our website under the required transfer web pages.
Failure from your part to transfer ownership makes you liable for the device.
To enable us to complete your sale, we require that you place an order which is then acceptance of our terms and conditions: