Notes from us:

Simple things sometimes need to be said.

If your being a cock with our product, either you or someone else is going to get hurt.

By simply following the simple and written in plain english instructions no issues should arise from using our products.

We define our product by extensive testing within our urban venue in the north west.

There are different type of player classes that we have observed over the last 36 months.

1. The bowler, who relies on the fuse to get the v.t.g. to a strategic position to enable a pre-emptive strike, the fact that this method is shunned upon for any site owner creates problems with deployment, being that once deployed the environment with players moving into the area can create injuries, so bear this style of deployment is a definite no.

2. The over arm deployment, as a simple toss would not yield results. Both dangerous and negligent on the part of the user, simply that unless you can see were the v.t.g. is going it should not be deployed, a player could be prone or lying on a floor, so again a no.

3. The power play, some players do and may have more than one v.t.g. and play their game as captain grenade, no weapon other than their trusty v.t.g.’s. this works and as long as safe deployment is carried out, no problems other than good old results prevails, the only downside is the re-arming of the v.t.g.’s meaning captain grenade is missing for a while.

4. Downstairs bomber, a definite no on this one, v.t.g.’s and other devices within the airsoft industry, bounce on hard surfaces, failing that a fractured casing will ruin your v.t.g.

Other pointers are, the fact the v.t.g. has multi shell capability up to the 12 gauge saluting blanks, would suggest the bigger the bang the louder the sound and the bigger the flash.
So indoors would be best suited from 6.3mm up to a maximum of 9mm, outdoors would be the same but 12 gauge saluting blanks can be deployed as effect and not directed at players.

Common sense prevails with the user, treat the v.t.g. as it was a loaded weapon, with respect and care and we trust that the enhancements to your game will improve your fun.