News History:

1st may 2012:

Some time ago the beloved dynatex delay style grenade was debunked and it no longer being manufactured.
Since then the demand for such a training device has been sought after by players ringing s.w.a.t. every day for news of the old style b.f.g. with nothing to report other than bad news we ponder the problem.
From june 2011 we have been developing our own v.t.g. “versatile training grenade” this has been a very hush hush project as not to stir up and annoy people, with the annoyance going both ways inevitably.
It is only recently we have decided to leak news of the coming of the v.t.g.
It boasts multi shell size capabilities and looks like a grenade in its construct.
The best news ever is that it is a timed device, which grants the user the customary 4 second delay.
Currently the v.t.g. is in production and the first will be available for sale on the 1st august 2012.

17th may 2012:

The priming tool for past devices has always been a very weak link, with the high cost and inferior materials and that fact that injuries have been sustained due to fracturing of the hand material.
With the insight into these problems s.w.a.t. has developed its own custom priming tool.
Both ergonomic and made of tempered steel, the custom diamond ground castellated tip offer a direct connection with the cocking mechanism, which results in no slip and no jammed tool.
Not expensive to replace, around £5.00 makes it a must have back up for existing devices and the v.t.g. grenade.
All priming tools come standard, but can be fitted with flat stainless spring rings or karabiners for a small charge, please specify upon ordering or choose from our v.t.g. packages when released.

12th June 2012:

Up to date news on our development, we have now decided on our packaging which will include a medium to allow storage of your v.t.g. and related products as a package, and plan on having bolt on upgrades at the order point:
The final standard package at this point in time is still in flux, but what we can tell you it comes with the following items as standard:
1. The v.t.g.
2. Custom loading tool which comes with a stainless steel ring to allow attachment to tactical vests and rigs.
3. The unique v.t.g. patch
4. A carabina for attachment to tactical vests and rigs
5. A stainless steel split pin assembly
6. A 9mm adaptor
Other attributes are being considered on the final look and design of the v.t.g. as a tweak, but will not affect the production run planned for 1000 units being available from the 1st august 2012.
An international sticker is currently in proofing with the label makers, which will allow us to gain worldwide recognition.
Other considerations are the cap colour which is planned to be silver for the united kingdom and day-glow orange for the u.s.a and European markets.

Additonal page added to this website, which shows the range of clips available for your v.t.g.: click the smiley:

4th July 2012:

Our generation 1 casing was rejected by us this last week, due to certain flaws that we noticed within the basic structure, this will not delay our launch but when injection moulding utilises hdpe certain aspects have to be correct, such as temperature in the mould, these we have been advised will be sorted within the next week and the gen 2 casing is to be provided for approval.
The timing mechanism was tested this last Sunday being the 1st July 2012 which resulted in 100% pass with a consistent 4 second fuse with no failures.
The loading cap and receiver were also tested with 12 gauge extreme testing and again 100% with no failures not flaws to report. One thing that was noticed within our investigations that there are slight anomalies between the old debunked dynatec loading cap threads being different, the pitch goes from bsp to metric depending on the age of the grenade.
Please take time to watch our test videos within this website: click the smiley:

12th July 2012:

So we are now v.a.t. registered to be able to trade internationally which will please our U.S.A. customers.
And to report the v.t.g. safety levers arrived today some 1000 which passed all safety tests which is good news.
Currently awaiting the gen2 casings for approval, which are due within the next week?
And not forgetting the v.t.g. is sourced and made with the finest UK ingredients.

25th july 2012:

Currently we have 5 working prototypes which have allowed us to further enhance the fuse mechanism, currently it sits at 3.5 seconds, but changes to tooling and the main mould will allow us to achieve the target 4 second requirements, this is a complicated process and may place us past our planned launch date, we will however advise on these developments within our facebook page.

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8th August 2012:

v.t.g. gen3 casing report:
Result = fail!!
Our official launch date was supposed to be the 1st august 2012.
We anticipate a further 2 week delay before the v.t.g. is ready (subject to approval and testing)
With the development of the v.t.g. we currently are sitting at generation3 on the main chassis.
The timer currently trips at 3 seconds; our goal is to obtain 4.5 seconds, which will allow sufficient clearance for users of 12 gauge shells. This is a health and safety consideration and as a company policy, we will not release what we deem to be dangerous products to the world.
The lead into the core chamber has been chamfered and is 100% with a very smooth transition for priming the grenade, so that’s that one sorted.
The further modification we are currently conducting is to allow cross compatibility with the debunked older training devices, as well as modifying the internal fuse timer, please bear with us, generation4 will be the final casing as laser measuring was conducted today by the labs to establish the sweet spot and optimum core size to allow two things.
1. Correct timing
2. Cross compatibility with other products.
Another issue that was solved with gen3 was the release valve aperture was reduced to stop misfires; this was 100% successful and was to allow the smooth transition of the hammer to strike the shell.
I know this is a lot of techno mumbo jumbo but some people are interested in these things, me personally will be glad when it’s completed so I can stop annoying technicians and scientists with the many problems we have overcome in this 18 month development.

up to the minute posts are placed within facebook page, please click blitz below to visit the page

30th August 2012:

A bit of a forgone conclusion with the gen4 casing which passed its tests over the last few weeks, the main developments from s.w.a.t. training devices have been updated almost daily on our facebook page to save people from logging into this website. I have included a new video, though short demonstrates the fuse and enforces the product will now be launched in September, this may be delayed by a week, for us to obtain the first order of 1000 approved gen4 casings, we are to launch on the 9th September 2012 and will be taking orders for despatch after that date.
The price has also been capped and set at £95.00 including v.a.t. for the full package as laid out within the variant of this website.

19th september 2012:

Recent developments forced us to move our launch window with issues relating to our logo disc, which is to be placed on the base of the v.t.g. this error by the manufacturer has now been resolved, we are now moving forward to build the first run within the next week and upon launch we will advise via Facebook and switch on the online shop to allow purchases to take place.
We would like to thanks all the kind people that have been patient within this development and trust your wait was well deserved.
Other news is that the bfgx-m84 devices will be available from Friday the 28th September 2012.
Please visit our online shop to peruse the goodies. 

20th september 2012:

With the beta testing of our registration system and the declaration and transfer system, we found that flaws were developed with security protocols built into the form.
This resulted in the forms not working correctly in any platform other than xp.
This matter is a very serious problem for our home office data base as we require multi integration with all platforms including mobile devices.
These forms are now back into re-edit to reset the protocols and we expect to have up and running in about 24 hours.

14th march 2013

New colours added to our excellent v.t.g. being Phölume “photo luminescent” olive drab = od “green” – tan – dayglo yellow and barby pink for the ladies.
We kept the price modest on the Phölume which basically covers the costs of the upgraded material we have used in our Phölume:


24th May 2013

A total hybrid rebirth of the very worldwide successful v.t.g.:
This big brother is planned for launch in July 2013 and has the safe functionality and versatility as the v.t.g.: with total cross compatibility with spares other than the metal casing:
Three options are planned for launch from the full stainless steel v.t.g.x.: as shown below in the prototype, to high specification titanium and the alloy version:
The first build is to be 50 units as a limited worldwide edition, and we will only be taking orders for these from July 2013:
Enjoy the terminator edition of the v.t.g.x.: