Warranty U.K. only:

s.w.a.t. training devices limited warranty terms and conditions.
Being nice people we offer a warranty under the following conditions.
1. We are offering this warranty for 2 years from date of purchase.
2. This covers, breakages from dropping or impacts which fracture the main casing.
3. Failure of the internals including the fuse timer.
4. Failure of the safety lever.
5. Failure of the safety lever scroll pin.
6. Failure of the o-ring (nternal).
7. Failure of the A jet (internal).
8. Cost price for the replacement of the loading cap and receiver.
9. Cost price for the replacement of the brass valve.
The warranty does not cover shipping, we expect the customer to pay shipping to us.
The warranty does not cover loss of items in the v.t.g. package.
The warranty does not cover crossed threads or damage to the loading cap and receiver but can be replaced under the cost price offer.
Cost price, means we can offer repairs to the customer but offer a small charge for perishable parts such as the loading cap, the receiver the brass valve. We will not charge for fitting the cost parts.
Return of your v.t.g. will be paid by us the manufacturer if failure or damage occurs as per sections 1 to 7 if the items under 8 to 9 are required, we will charge standard postage rates.