Some airsoft and paintball venues will be required to obtain insurance cover for our products to be used
More often than not your policy will already cover usage or chemical burn pyrotechnics and the discontinued dynatex range of bfgs and impact grenades.

With s.w.a.t. training devices being the U.K. manufacturer of the v.t.g. and the bfgx range we have in place from day one, our own product liability insurance.
This does not cover usage at any particular venue, but protects us the manufacturer and the users of our products.

Our system from day one has been designed to fit into health and safety and liability laws within the registration system that we operate.
This system allows the purchaser from the point of purchase to accept full responsibility for the usage, storage and liability for the product.
Enhancements to our system were developed in the later part of 2012 in the form of our health and safety data sheet.

This health and data safety sheet was developed to enable us the manufacturer to obtain approval from the many insurance companies that offer airsoft and paintball insurance across the United Kingdom.
As the need arises site owners and players are invited to contact us to ask for help, for us to liase with your broker or insurance underwriter to get our products added to your insurance.
In most occasions there is no extra charge to additions to your policy.
If you need us to contact your insurance company to get our products approved, please ask us.

Below you will see our health and safety data sheet, which if you choose can be sent to your insurance provider by any site owner or players group.

The only stipulation is with any pyrotechnic or blank firing device is a full safety brief must be conducted before games commence, this is a standard format across the planet and we are not about to tell granny how to suck eggs with such procedures, being site operators you will already know this.

If you wish to discuss this directly with me, to help get your site to allow our products please ring me directly on 07703-177756 anytime.

Kind regards

Paul knaggs
Managing director
s.w.a.t. training devices limited

Insurance companies that currently approve our products are

FML insurance services
Leisure insure
Perkins slade (pending revue)

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