F.A.Q.: "Frequently Asked Questions"

F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions:

Q- do you repair old damaged dynatex grenades?
A- Yes we do, all our spare parts are compatible and available off the shelf, certain internal repairs can only be replaced by our
experienced airsmiths. Casings can be replaced by us and a general service can be conducted, please click the weblink to see
what we can offer.

Click blitz to visit the shop area for service and repairs:

Q- How long will it take for my order to be shipped ?
A- As long as you have completed your registration form upon ordering, all devices are shipped next day special delivery within the U.K.
if you order is placed on a Friday or over the weekend, the order will be shipped the following Monday for Tuesday delivery. No later
than 1.00pm unless during bank holidays.
Not completing the registration form upon ordering will delay your device being shipped.
International deliveries are shipped on the same basis but take longer due to airfreight delays and
locations, please allow 7-10 days delivery for all international deliveries which are send by royal mail airsure.

Q- My delay device goes off as soon as I let go off the safety lever, what causes this?
A- More than likely the brass valve that sits behind the lever has been lost, this is normally caused by a massive shock to the casing
during use, this valve can be replaced but must come back to us for Fitting.

Q- How much will customs charge me for importing your devices to my country?
A- This depends on whether customs examines your delivery, but is normally a percentage of the value of the order, sometimes
customs may levy a handling charge or apply import tax.

Q- Can I legally import your devices into my country?
A- This is dependant on the laws within your border agencies, most countries allow our devices, but in some states within the U.S.A.
a form 6 must be completed, this is available from the A.T.F.
If you are not sure please consult your local law enforcement agency.

Q- What is the most popular size shell used in the blank firing devices?
A- 9mm or .325 is an industry standard, our delay devices the v.t.g. Comes standard 12 gauge capable and also comes with a
9mm-reducing adapter. Our bfgx range is all 9mm standard. We do however have small shell adapters ranging from 6.3mm –
6.8mm – 10mm - .209 shotgun primers.

Q- My site wont allow me to use your devices due to insurance what do I do?
A- You can either ring us directly on 0151-644 1611 were we will contact the site owners and help them get our devices added to their
policies or navigate to the web link below which explains the process of getting our devices added to a site insurance policy.
Included in this web page are our health and safety data sheets and a list of approved insurance companies that allow our devices.

Click blitz to visit our legal requirements section "insurance" help:

Q- I want to become a dealer of your products, how can I become a dealer?
A- just email us info@blankfiringgrenade.com and we will send you a dealer pack

Q- I am part of a large team and we are looking for a discount on a bulk purchase, can you help with a better price?
A- Yes we can supply you with a team pack, which offers reduced prices just email us for the team pack to

Q- Can I buy a blank firing device if I don’t play airsoft or paintball?
A- No, we only sell to airsoft or paintball players or the military or law enforcement agenciesWe reserve the right not to sell any of our
devices without reason.